Is the Morrigan Calling You?

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Is the Morrigan Calling You?

Today we're examining a very common question from seekers and spiritual devotees of the Morrigan alike, and taking a closer look at the call of the Morrigan. This formidable Irish goddess of battle, prophecy, and sovereignty is known for her powerful presence and transformative influence on those she chooses to engage... is that you?

Recognising the Morrigan’s Call

The Morrigan does not call lightly, nor does she call without purpose. If she takes note of you, you're going to have work to do. Her communications can be as deep and complex as her nature, in time, but for those just starting out the Morrigan's call can actually seem quite subtle.

If you find yourself wondering whether the Morrigan is reaching out to you, consider these signs, which can often manifest as repeated patterns or sequences that build on each other:

  1. Dreams and Visions: The Morrigan frequently communicates through the realm of dreams and visions, offering symbols or scenarios related to her domains of power and influence.

  2. Feelings of Being Watched: A sensation that you are under observation, which can be both unsettling and clarifying, may indicate her gaze upon you.

  3. Supernatural Experiences: Encounters with phenomena that defy conventional explanations can be the Morrigan’s way of drawing your attention beyond the mundane.

  4. Encounters with Crows: Given her association with corvids, notably crows, unusual or meaningful interactions with these creatures can signal her presence.

  5. Physical Manifestations: You might experience vivid, impactful physical phenomena that feel aligned with the Morrigan’s energy.

Any or all of the above may be signs that the Morrigan is calling you, and you've got some work to do with her, or for her.

How to Act on These Signs

Upon noticing these signs, it's a good idea to approach this Irish Goddess with both reverence, and a scholar’s curiosity. Here are some steps you can take, to deepen your understanding and appropriately respond to the Morrigan’s call:

  1. Document Your Experiences: Keep a meticulous record of all potential signs - dates, times, feelings, and contexts. This journal becomes your map through the intricate landscape of your spiritual journey. 🔗Get Your Free Workbook Here 🔗

  2. Educate Yourself Thoroughly: Immerse yourself in the lore and stories of the Morrigan. I recommend starting with foundational texts and moving to interpretations by scholars and only well respected authors within the pagan community, such as Jaqueline Borsje and Morgan Daimler. 🔗All of Our Free Resources Here🔗

  3. Engage with Like-Minded Communities: Participate in discussions, either in online forums or in Facebook groups like the Morrigan's Cave, where experiences and insights can be shared in a respectful and informed environment. 🔗Join Our Private Community Here 🔗

  4. Reflect and Meditate: Contemplate the nature of the signs and your feelings about them. Meditation can facilitate a deeper connection, allowing for personal revelations and guidance from the Morrigan herself. 🔗Meditation Resources Here🔗

  5. Open Formal Lines of Communication: When ready, consider engaging more directly through rituals or offerings, establishing a ritual space where dialogue with the Morrigan can occur. 🔗Create a Dedicated Space🔗

  6. Evaluate Your Commitment: Understand that a relationship with the Morrigan demands significant commitment. She calls to those ready to embrace potentially life-altering changes and to serve larger purposes that align with her attributes. 🔗The Morrigan Intensive Waiting List🔗


Engaging with the Morrigan is not for the faint of heart, nor is it a path of casual faith. It's a journey for those of us who feel the stirrings of deep, transformative forces and are ready to answer a profound calling.

Whether we work for the Morrigan through protection, justice, magic, priesthood, or sovereign selfhood, this Goddess shapes her chosen ones to wield their power wisely and courageously.

For those of you who resonate with this calling, may your path be clear and your courage steadfast. May your interactions with the Morrigan bring wisdom, power, and the profound respect that such a relationship deserves.

As always, I encourage all who walk this path to proceed with both openness and discernment, ensuring that your journey into the mysteries of the Morrigan is both authentic and deeply informed.


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