The Morrigan Intensive 6 Month Programme

We support you in building your authentic 'Right Relationship' with the Irish Goddess of Battle, Prophecy, Magic, and Change... 

During our annual Intensive 6 Month Programme, our most dedicated Mórrígan seekers and students work hard to build a structurally solid practice, and decide if Priesthood is the right path for them.

With the guidance and benefit of decades of Lora O'Brien's native Irish Priesthood experience, each year we guide a new group through the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of their own unique relationship with this Goddess.

If you enroll the Mórrígan Intensive Programme this year...

over the course of 6 months you can:

Explore a clearer understanding of the Mórrígan's lore and ways to practice from a native perspective and a teacher with decades of personal Priesthood experience.

Connect with this year's like-minded students who are also committed to achieving an authentic connection with the Mórrígan, in a carefully guided, private and secure community.

Gain structure in your life through weekly curriculum assignments, and integrate what you learn into your real life through reflection, writing, practical exercises and video journaling.

"I can't tell you how transformative the Morrigan Intensive has been for me. Like many of us, I started the program in the middle of huge shifts and changes in my life and it provided me space to process that change-- and the courage to continue making the changes that needed to happen. I can't say it was ever easy, and there were a few weeks there I wasn't sure I was going to be able to push through it, but I did catch up and made it to the end. Woohooo! It's been a time of deep learning, intense discernment, and personal transformation. It gave me the courage to do the work she told me to do."

Cedar Monroe
The Mórrígan Intensive - Class of 2023

Since we began in 2014, our Mórrígan Intensive Programme Students have reported:

  • Finding direction towards goals that include group support and work, which can be incredibly appealing in times of uncertainty.

  • Engaging in practical exercises and guided Journeys that have the added physical and mental health benefits of meditation.

  • Gaining a deeper understanding of wider cultural, political, and social meanings and understandings related to Irish spirituality.

  • Developing a stronger connection to their Irish heritage and spirituality in all areas of practice.

  • Exploring a more profound appreciation for the natural world and its cycles through the lens of Irish mythology and sacred sites.

  • Enjoying a supportive community of like-minded individuals who share similar interests, goals, fears, and passions.

  • Enhancing their understanding of Irish history and culture, particularly as it relates to native spirituality and magic.

  • Developing a sense of empowerment and confidence by navigating an intense personal spiritual journey.

  • Appreciating the access to unique guided Journey materials that help deepen and grow your connection to the Mórrígan.

  • Learning practical techniques for working with the Mórrígan in your daily life, including offerings and devotional practices.

  • Understanding the Mórrígan's role in Irish mythology and how she can be seen as a Goddess of prophecy, power and sovereignty.

  • Growing as a person and spiritual practitioner through the challenges and rewards of this intensive course.

Frequently Asked Questions

As our students prepare for the Class of 2024 launch of our annual 6 month programme (people on the waiting list will begin to receive updates in May!) ... we have received some excellent questions.

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Full Information & Sponsorship Options...

We only open enrollment for this programme once per year, and potential students who are subscribed to the Waiting List get first preference if there are any capacity issues. Enrollment opens in June each year, for one week only.

Prior to opening, we send out information, resources, and authentic (free) content through the mailing list - all related to the Mórrígan - designed and facilitated by Lora O'Brien. 

About Your Guide

Through our resources at the Mórrígan Academy, we teach you how to develop a deep and fulfilling working relationship with the Irish Goddess Mórrígan, guided by native practitioner and Priest, Lora O'Brien.

You can become part of a legacy of practitioners who have studied with Lora O'Brien over the last two decades, and thus developed their own personal 'Right Relationship' with the Mórrígan, and her Sisters.

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What Do Our Students Say?

The Mórrígan Intensive has been in existence, in ever improving formats, since 2014. Click to watch the video below showing some of the comments and reviews our students have provided. (There's more on YouTube!)

A Mórrígan Priesthood?

During this Programme you can discover more about yourself, and whether a regular contractual or devotional relationship, or even a Priesthood with this Goddess, is the right thing for you going forward.

The Intensive does not provide an Initiation to Priesthood, but instead prepares students with the skills and experience needed to decide what type of relationship with the Mórrígan is truly right for you, and initiation or contractual advice if that is your choice at the end of the six months.

Are You in for the Class of 2025?

We begin preparation in May, and open enrollment in June.

Become part of a legacy of practitioners who have studied with Lora O'Brien over the last two decades, and thus developed their own 'Right Relationship' with the Mórrígan.

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