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We support you in building your authentic 'Right Relationship' with the Irish Goddess of Battle, Prophecy, Magic, and Change... 

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We all seek a spiritual connection that brings depth, meaning, and empowerment to our lives. A connection that transcends the everyday, a link to something ancient, powerful, and transformative.

Yet, so many of us feel lost, disconnected, and overwhelmed by the modern world's noise, making it difficult to find a path that truly resonates with our souls. This is why a growing number of us are so close to giving up on finding a true, fulfilling spiritual path amid a landscape filled with inauthentic practices and cultural appropriation. The Mórrígan Academy is different.

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This is not your average group - open to anyone, full of ridiculous nonsense and personal dumping. Gain access to an exclusive circle of seekers who want to embrace the wisdom, connect with the lore, and find their own place in community. For a nominal fee (to ensure serious participants only) you can join the Mórrígan Membership Community today.

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Understanding the Mórrígan

This is an on-demand (instant access) 6 Part Starter Course, designed for you to forge a genuine relationship with the Mórrígan through academic insight and practical spirituality. Perfect for beginners, those who want to develop an existing relationship, or to prepare for our 6 month Intensive.

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The Mórrígan Intensive

During our Intensive 6 month Programme, our most dedicated students work hard to build a structurally solid practice, and decide if Priesthood is the right path for them. With the benefit of decades of Lora's personal Priesthood experience, each year we guide a new group through the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of their own unique relationship.

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"I can't tell you how transformative the Morrigan Intensive has been for me. Like many of us, I started the program in the middle of huge shifts and changes in my life and it provided me space to process that change-- and the courage to continue making the changes that needed to happen. I can't say it was ever easy, and there were a few weeks there I wasn't sure I was going to be able to push through it, but I did catch up and made it to the end. Woohooo! It's been a time of deep learning, intense discernment, and personal transformation. It gave me the courage to do the work she told me to do."

Cedar Monroe
The Mórrígan Intensive - Class of 2023

About Your Guide

Through our resources at the Mórrígan Academy, we teach you how to develop a deep and fulfilling working relationship with the Irish Goddess Mórrígan, guided by native practitioner and Priest, Lora O'Brien.

You can become part of a legacy of practitioners who have studied with Lora O'Brien over the last two decades, and thus developed their own personal 'Right Relationship' with the Mórrígan, and her Sisters.

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Fáilte! Welcome to the Morrigan Academy, based in County Waterford, Ireland.

Guided by native Irish author and Mórrígan Priest, Lora O'Brien, you're invited to develop and explore your personal relationship with the Irish Goddess of Battle, Prophecy, Magic, and Change. As part of our community you'll enjoy:

  1. Deep Understanding of the Mórrígan, and her Sisters: Uncover the history, myths, and truths about the Mórrígan, beyond common misconceptions and shallow interpretations.

  2. Authentic Spiritual Practices: Learn genuine rituals and practices to honor and connect with the Mórrígan, rooted in Irish tradition and culture.

  3. Personal Guidance from Lora O'Brien: Receive direct guidance and teachings from a recognised Mórrígan Priest and native Irish practitioner, ensuring your learning is authentic and grounded.

  4. Community Support: Join an exclusive paid access private community group where you can share experiences, insights, and questions with like-minded individuals on a similar path. [Join Our Community]

  5. Instant Access to Quality Online Classes: Dive into the world of the Mórrígan at your own pace with instant access to a wealth of online classes/ courses designed to deepen your understanding and connection. [Available Courses]

  6. Exclusive Resources: Benefit from quality resources including blogs, articles, and a free 5-day challenge mini-course, crafted to enhance your knowledge and practice. [Join the Free Challenge]

  7. Personal Growth and Transformation: Engage in practices and learnings that foster personal growth, transformation, and a deeper sense of self within the context of Irish Paganism and Native Spiritual Beliefs.

  8. Cultural Immersion: Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Irish culture, history, and spirituality, enhancing your connection to Ireland and our ancient deities.

  9. Six-Month Deep Dive Program: The Mórrígan Intensive offers an unparalleled opportunity to commit to an in-depth exploration of your relationship with the Mórrígan, supported by expert guidance. [More Information Here]

  10. 'Right Relationship' Building: Learn to build and maintain a 'Right Relationship' with the Mórrígan, ensuring your practices are respectful, authentic, and aligned with the essence of this powerful deity.


At the Mórrígan Academy, we're dedicated to providing a pathway to genuine connection and understanding of the Mórrígan, guided by the accumulated wisdom and expertise of Lora O'Brien. Join us on a journey of discovery, reverence, and personal empowerment.

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Over the course of 5 days, we examine the manuscript text of the Táin Bó Cúailnge (Cattle Raid of Cooley), for specific mentions of the Mórrígan and her Sisters, then apply the lore practically by focusing it through meditation and prayer.

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