How to Work with the Morrigan

audio devotions faq Mar 27, 2024

Welcome to the latest blog post inspired by an enriching episode from the Irish Pagan School podcast. In this episode, Lora O'Brien takes us on an insightful journey into the realm of working with An Mórrígan, the Great Queen, who stands as one of the most compelling and complex deities within Irish mythology.

Lora dives into the foundational steps for those seeking to establish a connection with the Morrigan, debunking common misconceptions and offering a clearer understanding of this powerful goddess's true nature. Alongside this, she shares valuable resources and texts that illuminate our path towards a deeper, more authentic engagement with An Mórrígan.

Whether you're new to walking the pagan path or you've long been fascinated by the Morrigan's lore, this episode promises to enrich your spiritual practice and broaden your understanding of Irish heritage.


How to work with the Morrigan / An Mórrígan

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