Frequently Asked Questions about Understanding the Morrigan

courses misconceptions resources understanding the morrigan Oct 12, 2023

So many of ye took the time to get in touch about the new course, Understanding the Morrigan, with such lovely words of encouragement, and a good few questions too. Thank you to everyone who took the time, I very much appreciate it. 

I answered individually of course, but thought it might be useful to clarify any confusion that folk may have, that they haven't asked me about directly. 

First, the Basic FAQs

  1. What level of knowledge about the Mórrígan is required?

    • Suitable for all levels, from beginners to those with prior knowledge. It also has full closed caption subtitles on each video for accessibility.
  2. Is this course academically rigorous?

    • Absolutely, it's rooted in scholarly research and credible sources. The tutor holds a Masters degree in Irish History. More About Lora.
  3. How long is the course accessible?

    • You have lifetime access to revisit the material at your convenience.
  4. Are there interactive assignments?

    • The course includes journaling prompts and exercises for deeper engagement.
  5. What if the course isn't what I expected?

    • We offer a no questions 30-day money-back guarantee for your peace of mind.


Now, where are these emails coming from?

First off, you're reading this resources and updates blog post and receiving email from the Mórrígan Intensive website. That's at

If you're a member of the Irish Pagan School, or the Ogham Academy, it might be unclear where I'm sending messages from. Check the 'from' address if you're not sure! Though connected, these are all different platforms, and different tech systems run them. Also, not everyone who's in one of the communities will be in all of them.

The Ogham Academy and the Morrigan Intensive is just me, Lora O'Brien, (with the occasional help of one admin person, and also some lovely, wonderful, amazing and talented moderators inside the private Morrigan Intensive Peer Support Community Group each year). Both of those platforms focus exclusively on their own content and topics (Ogham, and the Morrigan, respectively).

Over at the Irish Pagan School is where you'll find me and my partner, Jon O'Sullivan (the Dagda Bard). We also host many other native Irish teachers there, and a vast array of different topics and classes related to Irish history, culture, folklore, mythology, and contemporary pagan spiritual practices. 

Q: Is “Understanding the Goddess Mórrígan” included in the Cuairteoir Membership at the Irish Pagan School?
A: It’s not, this course is only available right here at the Mórrígan Intensive website.


Why do you want me to pay?

Between all of our platforms, blogs, youtube channels, podcasts, and free classes, we have a vast array of stuff that you can - and should! - access at absolutely no cost to you. We're in the education and community service business.

If you were to do nothing but free stuff with us, every single day, it would take you at least a year to go through everything we have put out as part of our education and community service mission.

A list of all the free stuff at the Irish Pagan School is Here.

However. We also have over 30 years of education, and experience, under our belts. And shockingly, Ireland isn't free. It costs actual real life money to run all of these platforms, pay our teachers, feed, clothe, and house ourselves, fuel the car to get that feet on the ground experience around this island, and keep the lights on at the HQ.

So yes, we charge for many of our classes, and mentoring, and consultation work. We are experts in our field, we work very hard to share our culture and heritage and provide authentic connection for anyone who wants to learn, and be in community with us. We deserve to be paid. If you can't afford it right now, that's ok. Do the work with ALL the free stuff. You're still welcome. 

Just please stop bitching at me that we also offer paid resources, as well as all the free stuff. If you don't understand why this is, please see yourselves out, you are not our people. 

Q: I can't afford this course at the moment, should I still stay on the email list?
A: That’s not a problem at all. Take whatever time and free resources you need. If you ever want to pay for anything, whether this course, the Morrigan Intensive Programme, or any of the hundreds over at the Irish Pagan School, we’ll still be here. Meanwhile, keep learning.


Is this course the Morrigan Intensive?

As I said above, we run this seperate platform to host the Morrigan Intensive annual 6 month Programme, because it got too big in content and community to keep lumped in to the Irish Pagan School platform (it also predates the Irish Pagan School by 3 years!).

Q: Is the intensive and the other course offered "Understanding the Mórrigan" combined $99 USD total? Or, what is the price of the intensive apart from the bonus course offered?

A: Enrollment for the Morrigan Intensive is ONLY open in May/June each year. That is a 6 month course, very much a deep dive training process over the weeks and months, which usually costs around $1000. I am running the new course, Understanding the Mórrígan, in the meantime at $99, so that people can get started if they want to prepare while they wait for the Intensive.

Both courses are stand alone however, and can be taken without having done the other... though they do complement each other. In short, No, they are very different courses.

The Waiting List for the Morrigan Intensive Launch is Here.


You have the Irish Pagan School courses, so why run this one?

Q: What are the special differences between your new course "Understanding Irish Goddess Mórrígan" and the previous Mórrígan courses in Irish Pagan School? For me who has already participated in the Mórrígan bundle course, is it necessary to buy this new course again?

A: The biggest difference in this course is that it’s built solidly on the 3 pillars model – learn, experience, integrate. Though the information aspects are similar if you have gone through all of the older courses, the new course is much more accessible (cc and transcripts for the videos, broken into clear and digestible modules with shorted videos, etc.), as well as having specific exercises and integration prompts for each of the 6 sections.

In short, my own understanding of the Morrigan hasn’t gone through any drastic shifts between classes, but how I teach and share that, as well as a focus on building genuine relationship, is quite different.


And Some Technical Details...

Q: When does the Understanding the Goddess Mórrígan course start?
A: It’s available immediately once you enroll. Self-paced to suit your busy lifestyle!

Q: Will there be another opportunity to enroll?
A: The course will be open again, to a wider audience, but this discounted price is just for the opening and will be finished on Sunday 15th October 2023. Full price is $99 when it re-opens.

Q: Is this a work at your own pace or does it entail meetings?
A: Work at your own pace, no need to schedule meetings!

Q: How long do we have access to the materials?
A: You are enrolling for lifetime access to this course content, so you can revisit it as often as you want or need to. 


Hope that clarifies!

Full Details and Enrollment for Understanding the Morrigan are Here.

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