Understanding the Goddess Morrigan

Forge a Genuine Relationship with the Morrigan Through

Academic Insight and Practical Spirituality

Why is Lora O'Brien the right guide for your journey with the Morrigan?

Simply put, Lora has lived the Irish culture and spirituality that they teach. Holding a Master's degree in Irish History and has 30 years of teaching experience. They have led direct spiritual experiences at the Morrigan's sacred sites and have a strong focus on community service. They've taught hundreds of students and seekers through the Morrigan Intensive since 2014. Learning with Lora, you're not just getting out of context ideas and theories; you're getting practical, tried-and-true methods to connect with the Morrigan.


Why This Course is Your Best Path Forward...

Understanding the Goddess Morrigan stands out for its blend of academic rigour and authentic spiritual guidance. If you've been frustrated by past experiences, overwhelmed by conflicting information, or wary of cultural appropriation, this course offers a clear path forward. Led by Lora O'Brien, a native Irish historian and spiritual practitioner with decades of experience, you'll gain both a scholarly foundation and practical exercises to foster a meaningful relationship with this powerful deity. This isn't just a course; it's a transformative journey toward authentically understanding and connecting with the Goddess Morrigan.

This is the ONLY program of its kind that:

  1. Addresses Information Overload: This course is meticulously structured to present information in digestible modules, allowing you to absorb the academic and spiritual teachings at your own pace. Each module builds on the last, ensuring a comprehensive yet manageable learning experience.

  2. Prioritises Practical Application: Unlike other courses that may leave you with theoretical knowledge but no idea how to apply it, this programme includes practical exercises and journal prompts in every module. You'll not only learn about the Morrigan but also how to integrate this knowledge into your daily spiritual practice.

  3. Tackles Cultural Appropriation Head-On: Taught by a native Irish priest and historian, this course ensures that you're learning in a way that respects and honors the Morrigan's Irish origins. You'll gain a native perspective that is both authentic and respectful.

  4. Guarantees Credible Expertise: Your instructor, Lora O'Brien, brings a unique blend of academic credentials and real-world spiritual experience, ensuring that you're receiving information that is both rigorously researched and spiritually authentic.

So if you're ready to finally forge a deep, authentic relationship with the Goddess Morrigan while avoiding the pitfalls of misleading or culturally inappropriate information...

Here's how we'll help you get here:

Module 01: Introduction to the Morrigan and Her Sacred Sites

Unveiling the Morrigan: Myths, Sacred Sites, and Spiritual Practices 

Dive into the foundational understanding of the Morrigan, her myths, and her sacred sites in Ireland. Learn from Lora O'Brien's decade-long spiritual connection with the Irish Goddess and her work in contemporary Irish Paganism.

Module 02: The Many Forms of the Morrigan

The Morrigan's Multifaceted Identity: Names, Forms, and Complex Mythology

Explore the complexities of the Morrigan's identity, from her various names to her aspects and intricate mythology. Understand the historical and cultural context that shapes her character in Irish literature.

Module 03: The Morrigan in Irish Story Cycles

The Morrigan Across Irish Mythological Cycles

Delve into the Morrigan's presence in various Irish story cycles. Gain insights into her roles and connections to places in Ireland, supported by academic resources and historical texts.

Module 04: Roles and Functions of the Morrigan

The Morrigan's Roles: Beyond the War Goddess

Examine the Morrigan's multifaceted roles in Irish mythology, from sovereignty to prophecy. Challenge conventional scholarly views and discover her nuanced character through Teaching Tales from the original Irish lore.

Module 05: Practical Spirituality with the Morrigan

Daily Practices and Spiritual Integration with the Morrigan

Learn how to integrate your knowledge of the Morrigan into daily spiritual practices. From setting up an altar to making offerings, find out how to establish a meaningful connection and relationship with this Irish Goddess.

Module 06: Resources and Community Building

Navigating the Morrigan's Lore: Resources and Community

Discover a wealth of resources for deepening your understanding of the Morrigan, from free classes to online communities. Learn how to access scholarships and additional educational platforms for comprehensive learning.

Your Risk-Free Journey to Authentic Understanding

We're so confident that Understanding the Goddess Morrigan will provide you with the academic rigour and spiritual depth you seek, that we're offering a no-questions, 100% money-back guarantee.

  • You have a full 30 days to explore the course material.
  • Within those 30 days, you'll be diving into the modules, engaging with the exercises, and reflecting on the journal prompts designed to deepen your understanding and connection with the Morrigan.
  • You should begin to feel a newfound clarity and depth in your understanding of the Morrigan, along with a sense of spiritual connection that is both authentic and meaningful.

If you find that the course hasn't met your expectations within the 30-day period, simply email us to request a full refund. No questions asked, and we'll process it promptly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

"I'm so grateful for this class!  It was a great start into the lore surrounding the Mórrígan and a great jumping off point for the other Mórrígan classes." 

- Kymbr McMurray, Irish Pagan School Student.


"Lora, thank you for all you do. This class is very illuminating and a good start to my study of the Morrigan. ... I have to say that I was skeptical, perhaps this was just another new age porridge Celtic shaman hoo-ha and I'm pleased to find that you really know your lore and it's the real thing. Go raibh míle maith agat." 

- Deborah J Yost, Irish Pagan School Student.


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7 Types of Students Who Are Ready to Have an Authentic Relationship with the Irish Goddess Morrigan

  1. The Beginner Seeking Authenticity: You're new to the path of the Morrigan and you want to start off with a genuine, native Irish perspective.

  2. The Seeker Looking for Resolution: You've dabbled in Morrigan related spirituality but found conflicting or unsatisfying information. You're ready to resolve those issues once and for all.

  3. Those Eager for a Unique Approach: You're looking for a course that combines academic accessibility with real spiritual practice, something that the course tutor Lora O'Brien can offer.

  4. Those Who are Willing to Commit: You understand that forging a relationship with a deity takes effort and you're willing to put in the work.

  5. The Ones Who've Already Been Investing Time: You're already dedicating a few hours each week to spiritual or academic study and are eager to direct that time towards a structured, more comprehensive course.

  6. Seekers Concerned About Authenticity: You have reservations about cultural appropriation or misinformation, which this course directly addresses with its native Irish perspective and academic foundation.

  7.  The Ones Excited About Tangible Benefits: You're not just looking for information; you're looking for transformation. You're excited about the immediate and long-term outcomes promised... with the back-up of our 30-day money-back guarantee.

If you can relate to 4 or more of the points above, then Understanding the Goddess Morrigan is tailored for you. Lora can't wait to meet you inside the course and guide you on this transformative journey.


"These classes are deceptively simple...in a really good way. I find myself going over them over and again and still finding something new yet it's not so much in each one that it's overwhelming- which is a plus for me. The clear and to the point presentation of all the information and multiple ways of presenting the information makes this style of learning completely conducive to me even with neurodivergent and adhd tendencies."

- Alana Fitzgerald, Irish Pagan School Student.


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