What is the Morrigan the Goddess of?

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What is the Morrigan the Goddess of?

The Morrigan, often shrouded in the mists of ancient Irish mythology, remains one of the most complex and compelling figures within the Irish pantheon. And please make no mistake, this is an Irish Goddess, without a broader Celtic Goddess counterpart.

Known by many names and forms, her essence transcends the simple categorisations often placed on the Old Gods in a NeoPagan context. This blog post goes into the multifaceted roles of the Morrigan, a little at least, exploring her significance in war, fate, sovereignty, and the natural world.

Through understanding the Morrigan, we not only connect with Ireland's mythological past but also uncover layers of meaning relevant to contemporary spiritual practices.


Goddess of War and Battle

The Morrigan is perhaps most famously known as a goddess of war and battle. And this is true, but as with everything about this complex deity, it is not the full picture.

Unlike the archetypal warrior god or goddess found in other cultures, her domain extends beyond the physical aspects of warfare to take in the psychological and prophetic.

"Undertake a battle of overthrowing," so sang the goddess Morrigan turning to Lug, "Awake, make a hard slaughter, smiting bodies, attacks boiling, greatly burning, devastating, the people to a man crying out..." [Cath Maige Tuired, translation by Morgan Daimler]

She is a shape-shifter, often appearing on battlefields as a crow or raven, symbols of the fate awaiting those who fall. Her presence is not merely to witness but to influence the outcome, sometimes offering victory and other times heralding defeat.

The Morrigan's connection to war is deeply intertwined with the land and sovereignty, with the fates of the tribes and people of this island, reflecting the ancient Irish belief that the prosperity and fate of the land were directly linked to the success and righteousness of its rulers.


Sovereignty and the Land

Beyond the din of battle, the Morrigan holds significant sway over the land and its sovereignty. Her stories weave through the Dindshenchas, our sacred lore of placenames, the history and ancestry of this land.

She embodies the concept of territorial sovereignty, often appearing as a guardian to the territory and its people. In myths, her role as a deity who transcends mere martial prowess to encompass the very essence of leadership and authority is clear.

The Unish of Connacht calls by the south. The woman was at the Unish of Corand washing her genitals, one of her two feet by Allod Echae, that is Echumech, by water at the south, her other by Loscondoib, by water at the north. Nine plaits of hair undone upon her head. 

The Dagda speaks to her and they make a union. Laying down of the married couple was the name of that place from then. She is the Morrigan, the woman mentioned particularly here. [Cath Maige Tuired, translation by Morgan Daimler]

Her connection to the land is also fertile and generative, hinting at an older, perhaps pre-warrior aspect of her character that deals with prosperity, kingship, and the health of the land. Please note, she is not a 'fertility goddess', and certainly not a 'sex goddess'. 

To understand this side of her, a study of the context of sovereignty, then and now, will be necessary.


Fate and Prophecy

The Morrigan's association with fate and prophecy is another cornerstone of her complex nature. She is often seen as an oracle, with the ability to foretell the outcome of battles and the fates of warriors.

Once the battle was broken afterwards and the slaughter cleaned away, the Morrigan daughter of Ernmas there announced the deadly tidings of the battle and the great victory1 that had occurred there to the kings of Ireland and to the sidhe-folk, and to the chief waters and to the rivermouths. This is why Badb still declares great deeds. 

“What news with you?” everyone asked her then. [Cath Maige Tuired, translation by Morgan Daimler]

Her pronouncements are not always straightforward; they require interpretation, reflecting the belief that fate is not a linear path but a series of possibilities influenced by action and will. Again, a study of the ancient Irish tradition of Rosc Poetry will be of great use here - [Take a Class on Rosc]

This aspect connects her with the wider context and understanding of time and destiny in the Irish tradition, where the Otherworld is always close, the future is always in motion, and the actions of individuals can shape the outcome of events.



So, what is the Morrigan the Goddess of?

The Morrigan's role within Irish mythology cannot be understated, and as you may be seeing, there is no clear and obvious answer that 'The Morrigan is the Goddess of XYZ'.

Her domains of war, fate, sovereignty, and nature intertwine, presenting a deity of profound complexity and relevance.

For those on a path to understanding Irish spirituality, the Morrigan offers rich insights into the interplay between the physical and metaphysical, the individual and the land, Ireland and the rest of the world, and our relation to tribe and ancestry.

Her enduring presence in Contemporary Paganism speaks to her significance, not just as a figure of the past but as a potent symbol for the present and future.

In exploring the wisdom and teachings of the Morrigan, we are reminded of the depth and breadth of Irish mythological tradition, a wellspring of wisdom that continues to inform and inspire as part of our living traditions.

Through her, we connect with the ancient landscapes of Ireland and the enduring power of our myths, and our history... carrying forward the legacy of the ancients into our modern spiritual practices.



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