Meeting the Morrigan - Your Free Five Day Challenge

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Are you drawn to deepen your understanding and connection with the Mórrígan, the enigmatic Goddess of war in Irish mythology? We invite you to join our free Five Day Mórrígan Challenge, meticulously crafted to guide you towards a more profound relationship with this powerful deity.

Understanding the Challenge

This unique challenge is structured to guide you in developing your personal daily practice, so beginning (or enhancing) your relationship with the Irish Goddess Mórrígan.

Over five days, we delve into the Medieval manuscript text of the Táin Bó Cúailnge, the Cattle Raid of Cooley, exploring specific references to the Mórrígan and her Sisters.

Don't worry, you don't have to read the whole thing, we've done the hard work for you - you'll only be dealing with short, relevant extracts!

And this exploration is not just academic; it's a spiritual journey, combining an easy study plan with simple daily meditation and prayer.

How to Participate

To join this journey, just provide your first name and email address. Rest assured, we respect your privacy and you can unsubscribe at any time, but we'll need the details to be able to give you eclusive access to the free content.

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Daily Practices and Rituals

Each day of the challenge, you will receive access to a carefully selected piece of devotional text. This short paragraph of text serves as a focal point for your day's meditation and contemplation. You can choose to write it out by hand, a practice that can deepen your engagement with the material... or just engage with it in any way that suits you!

In the evening, ideally at sunset or before retiring to bed, revisit this devotional text. Reflect on it, think or meditate, and offer a prayer to the Mórrígan. (We provide a suggested Irish prayer)

This practice helps in internalising the day's learning and connecting more deeply with the teaching text of the Goddess.

As you retire for the night, keep your journal or a recording device within reach. Whenever you wake up, we encourage you to record your thoughts in a stream of consciousness style, or you can use the prompt provided in the previous day's content to guide your reflections.

Benefits of the Five Day Challenge

  • Deepen Your Spiritual Understanding: This challenge offers a unique opportunity to explore native Irish spirituality and the pivotal role of the Mórrígan within it.
  • Cultivate Daily Devotional Practices: Engage in practices that include reading, meditation, and prayer, fostering an easy routine that nurtures your personal spiritual growth.
  • Lay a Foundation for Continued Learning: This challenge is just the beginning, setting the stage for ongoing study and practice, supported by a community of like-minded individuals.
  • Learn from Experienced Guides: Benefit from the insights and guidance of a seasoned heritage scholar and Priest of the Mórrígan - Lora O'Brien.

A Gift of Spiritual Growth

This Five Day Challenge is more than an educational course; it's a journey into the heart of Irish Pagan spirituality. It offers you the chance to forge a stronger bond with the Mórrígan and her sovereign power, while exploring and embracing a transformative spiritual practice that suits you, your responsibilities and daily life.

Join us on this path of discovery and deepen your connection with one of the most compelling figures in Irish mythology.

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Exploring the manuscript text of the Táin Bó Cuailnge, the Cattle Raid of Cooley...

with prayers, prompts, and reflections, over 5 days.

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