Daily Practice as a Morrigan Priestess

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In the realm of spirituality, especially when walking the path with the Morrigan, the Great Queen of Irish mythology, the essence of daily practice often boils down to a profound yet simple act: listening.

In a Community Q&A, Shannon posed an intriguing question about the daily practice as a Morrigan Priestess that hold the most value. My response, deeply rooted in my journey of over two decades doing this job, reflects a relationship built on the cornerstone of communication and presence.

Daily Practice as a Morrigan Priestess

The heart of my daily ritual with the Morrigan is about creating a space for silence, for listening, and for openness to the wisdom and guidance She offers.

This isn’t about elaborate rituals or complex magic. It’s about the fundamental, yet powerful act of showing up and tuning in to Her presence and Her voice in my life, recognizing the sacredness in the quiet and the everyday.

Listening and Learning from the Morrigan

Listening, in the context of my practice, transcends the mere act of hearing. It involves a deep, intuitive, and often, a non-verbal understanding that comes from imbas - a knowledge received directly from the Morrigan.

This form of divine insight is central to developing a relationship where communication flows freely, where guidance can come as a gentle whisper in the soul or as a sudden, unmistakable nudge (or, let’s be honest, sometimes a kick up the arse).

Just Being Present

Daily practice doesn't need to be time-consuming or complicated. It can range from ten minutes to an hour, ideally in the early morning’s quiet before the day's demands encroach.

For me, this often means seeking solitude, sometimes in as mundane a location as a locked bathroom, to ensure a few undisturbed moments of connection. It’s about making space, both physical and spiritual, to welcome Her energy and to listen for Her guidance, even if it doesn’t come every day.

Connecting with Nature and the Otherworld

A key component of my practice involves connecting with the natural world, finding a spot that feels imbued with Her essence. This could be sitting on the grass, leaning against a tree, or any place that speaks of Her presence.

The location might change as your relationship with Her evolves, as you find new ways to connect and as you learn to listen more deeply.

Showing Up Is the Work

A consistent theme in my teachings and practice is the simple, yet challenging, requirement to show up and do the work. This means making the effort to find even just a few minutes each day for Her, regardless of life’s chaos.

This dedication is the foundation of building a relationship with the Morrigan, proving oneself through the willingness to listen, to learn, and to be present.

Morrigan Priesthood and Warrior Training

At its core, the daily practice of connecting with the Morrigan is about preparation and readiness - readiness to hear Her call, to receive Her wisdom, and to act upon Her guidance.

It's as fundamental to warrior training as it is to the priesthood, offering a foundation upon which a deeper, more profound relationship can be built.

Thoughts of a Morrigan Priestess

While there may be more dramatic or intricate aspects to being a Priestess of the Morrigan, the most essential practice is also the most accessible: taking time to be quiet, to connect, and to listen.

This daily commitment to presence is both the simplest and the most profound way to engage with Her, laying the groundwork for everything that follows in the path of devotion and service to the Great Queen.

Remember, in the journey with the Morrigan, showing up and being ready to listen is where the true work begins. It's in these moments of quiet connection that we find our strength, our guidance, and our path forward.



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