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During our Intensive 6 month Programme, our most dedicated students work hard to build a structurally solid practice, and decide if Priesthood is the right path for them.

With the benefit of decades of Lora's personal Priesthood experience, each year we guide a new group through the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of their own unique relationship. 

Here is some of the Feedback we received, pulled from the transcripts of our Video Review Series from the Morrigan Intensive Class of 2023 students who took some time with Lora after the Programme had ended, to provide insight, share their experiences, and help improve the programme for everyone yet to enroll.

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Beth's Testimonial

In summary, Beth highlights the integration of mythology, history, and modern application as crucial elements. The programme provided a structured approach to understanding the Mórrígan through academic and practical lenses, allowing students to apply ancient lore in contemporary contexts.

Top 5 Benefits for Beth:

  1. Deep Academic and Practical Integration: The programme's blend of rigorous academic study and practical application made the content more meaningful and usable in daily life.
  2. Authenticity and Rebuilding: Beth appreciated the opportunity to unpick inauthentic elements and rebuild her practice with a stronger connection to Irish culture, including daily devotion and learning the Irish language.
  3. Flexible and Accessible Engagement: The course's structure allowed Beth to engage at her own pace, offering options to read or listen to materials and providing easy access to support through email or group discussions.
  4. Technological Ease: Despite her initial apprehension with technology, Beth found the course platform user-friendly and supportive, enhancing her overall learning experience.
  5. Extended Community and Celebration: The programme encouraged Beth to share her journey with friends and family, culminating in a personal closing ceremony that celebrated her achievements and deepened her connection to the Mórrígan.

Most Important Transformation in Beth's Own Words:

"My whole practice has changed and it's changed positively. It's moved forward more; there's a stronger connection there. Daily devotion, I'm looking more into Irish culture, I'm learning the Irish language, I'm cooking Irish recipes. It's impacted everything, absolutely everything that I do."


Jenna's Testimonial

In summary, Jenna highlights the integration of mythology, history, and modern application as crucial elements. The programme provided a structured approach to understanding the Morrigan through academic and practical lenses, allowing students to apply ancient lore in contemporary contexts.

Top 5 Benefits for Jenna:

  1. Deep Academic and Practical Integration: The programme's blend of rigorous academic study and practical application made the content more meaningful and usable in daily life.
  2. Comprehensive Understanding: Detailed dissertations and insightful commentary from Lora and the group discussions enriched Jenna's comprehension of the Morrigan's mythology.
  3. Modern Relevance: The course emphasised the contemporary relevance of ancient practices, helping students apply them to modern scenarios.
  4. Flexible Engagement: Jenna appreciated the ability to engage at her own pace, reading and reflecting even if not actively participating in discussions.
  5. Extended Access: The continued access to course materials for an additional few months (beyond the 6 month intensive schedule) allowed for revisiting and deepening understanding over time.

Most Important Transformation in Jenna's Own Words:

"Having the dissertation and then having your thoughts on the dissertation, being able to digest it in small parts and relate it not just in a historical sense but how it comes forward in a modern sense and how to apply it in daily practice. That made it more meaningful and more able to be put into practice."


Dré's Testimonial

In summary, Dré emphasises that the programme provided a profound and challenging experience, likening it to a Saturn return. They noted the importance of recognising personal readiness for such intensive study and that while the course is highly beneficial, it may not be necessary for everyone to achieve a meaningful relationship with the Morrigan.

Top 5 Benefits for Dré:

  1. Astrological and Mythological Insights: Dré gained a deeper understanding of the Morrigan, aligning her characteristics with Saturn, which was a significant revelation.
  2. Personal Growth and Challenge: The programme pushed Dré to confront personal challenges and growth areas, similar to the transformative experience of a Saturn return.
  3. Peer and Mentor Support: Being part of a mentor group within the larger peer support structure provided a supportive environment for deeper learning and reflection.
  4. Preparation for Public and Pastoral Roles: The latter part of the programme prepared Dré for more public-facing and pastoral roles within their spiritual practice.
  5. Intensive Learning Environment: The structured, rigorous nature of the course fostered a deep dive into the Morrigan’s lore, which was both demanding and rewarding.

Most Important Transformation in Dré's Own Words:

"This intensive really demonstrated that she's very strongly Saturn... it very much felt like another Saturn return: 'What are you doing? What should you be doing? What do you need to do?'... things I didn't even know I needed that could be changed, that's going to happen with this intensive."


Julie's Testimonial

In summary, Julie shares her transformative journey during the programme, highlighting significant changes in her personal life, including moving to a new home, starting a new job, and entering a new relationship. She emphasises the programme's intensity and the inevitable confrontation with personal issues, leading to profound personal growth.

Top 5 Benefits for Julie:

  1. Confronting Personal Issues: The programme compelled Julie to face and address personal challenges she had been avoiding, leading to significant life changes.
  2. Supportive Community: Julie benefited from the peer support and mentoring, which provided a strong network during her transformative journey.
  3. Personal Growth and Sovereignty: Moving to a new home and living independently for the first time enhanced her sense of autonomy and self-reliance.
  4. Career Progression: Although the new job was temporary and not an ideal fit, it helped Julie break out of stagnation and learn important lessons, particularly about boundaries.
  5. Fluidity and Self-Discovery: The intensive helped Julie discover new aspects of her identity, including entering a new relationship that shifted her understanding of her sexuality.

Most Important Transformation in Julie's Own Words:

"Everything that changed needed to change... I got divorced after coming out as a lesbian... and then... I joined this intensive... everything was slowly ratcheting up and it really pushed me... to move out... and it has definitely been for the better... because I am neurospicy myself... I needed places where I feel safe that I can unmask... and where I don't have to fit any particular expectations."


Kay's Testimonial

In summary, Kay shares her experience, noting the curriculum's overhaul and the importance of community. She emphasises the supportive nature of the group, the value of peer interactions, and the significant personal growth achieved despite initial apprehensions and health challenges.

Top 5 Benefits for Kay:

  1. Structured Learning Environment: The programme's academic structure provided a rigorous and comprehensive study of the Morrigan, akin to a university course.
  2. Supportive Community: The move to a dedicated platform fostered a strong sense of community, making it easier to connect and interact with fellow students.
  3. Personal Growth and Development: Kay experienced significant personal growth, gaining new levels of understanding and achieving continuous improvement.
  4. Mentorship and Peer Support: The dual levels of support (peer and mentor) offered personalised guidance and encouragement throughout the course.
  5. Privacy and Safety: The dedicated platform ensured privacy, allowing students to share personal experiences and challenges in a secure environment.

Most Important Transformation in Kay's Own Words:

"I had the growth and I'm going to do it again and probably again and again because... each time you success, you know, do it in the future, you'll have a new level of growth... the Morrigan isn't static and she's not going to be static with you and your relationship if you keep the right relationship and work to develop that."


Tendai's Testimonial

In summary, Tendai shares their experience, noting the unexpected intensity of the programme, the comprehensive academic content, and the supportive community. They highlight the significant personal and spiritual growth achieved through the course, emphasising the rigorous and immersive nature of the curriculum.

Top 5 Benefits for Tendai:

  1. In-depth Academic Content: The course provided a thorough and challenging academic exploration of the Morrigan, requiring significant time and effort.
  2. Comprehensive Learning Experience: Tendai appreciated the structured and well-organised material, which included lore, journaling, and exercises that enhanced their understanding.
  3. Community Support: The dedicated platform facilitated strong community bonds, allowing students to share their journeys and support each other.
  4. Technical Guidance and Assistance: Tendai found the technical support and step-by-step instructions helpful, particularly at the start of the programme.
  5. Personal Growth and Reflection: The intensive shadow work and reflective exercises prompted profound personal insights and development.

Most Important Transformation in Tendai's Own Words:

"My world kind of blew up a little bit in a lot of areas... the shadow work was pulling me... so painful in a lot of ways it was just like, 'look at this, this is how you live'... it was intense on the academics but... it gave me a lot of stability when other things were going tits up... I felt like a sponge, absorbing all this information and then figuring out what that meant for me."

Anne's Testimonial

In summary, Anne shares her experience, noting the profound and unexpected changes that occurred throughout the course. She emphasises the programme's depth, the intensive nature of the study, and the comprehensive academic content. Anne appreciates the accessibility features and acknowledges the need for significant time management to succeed in the course.

Top 5 Benefits for Anne:

  1. Profound Personal Transformation: Anne experienced significant, unexpected personal changes, prompting deeper self-awareness and growth.
  2. In-depth and Rigorous Curriculum: The course offered a comprehensive, non-surface level study of the Morrigan, requiring deep engagement and reflection.
  3. Accessibility: The availability of audio content and transcriptions made the course more accessible, especially beneficial given Anne’s visual impairment.
  4. Enhanced Understanding of the Morrigan: The programme provided Anne with a more profound and nuanced understanding of the Morrigan than she initially had.
  5. Repeatable Learning Experience: The depth and breadth of the material encourage repeated participation for continued learning and growth.

Most Important Transformation in Anne's Own Words:

"There has been so much depth in doing the Intensive... it wasn't a surface course... if you're looking for something that's just going to scratch the surface, don't bloody do the course... there is a lot of information, there is a lot of things that you think, 'oh, it's going in that direction,' and then it suddenly goes that way."







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