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Mórrígan Intensive: Your Questions Answered

Hi everyone, this is Lora O'Brien from the Mórrígan Academy and the Irish Pagan School. I’m here to talk about the Mórrígan Intensive, which is currently open for enrolment for 2024 for another four days.

Some of the questions that have come up are really good, so I thought I’d hop on and give some answers because I know these are common concerns.

Time Commitment Concerns

One of our students asked about the time commitment required for a six-month intensive program, given their demanding job and other personal responsibilities. I completely understand this concern.

You can get through the coursework in 2 to 3 hours a week. Most people dedicate about 4 to 5 hours a week to really immerse themselves. You could manage with an hour every 2 to 3 days or an hour a day for 4 to 5 days a week.

There are also rest and reflection weeks built in, so if you fall behind, you can catch up. It’s designed to be manageable.

Course Structure and Support

This course runs for 26 weeks, and each week you’ll check in with our private group, which isn’t on Facebook but on our secure platform. This group offers a safe space where students really get to know each other, providing brilliant support and accountability.

Unless you join the Mentor Support Group (places are filling up fast though!) there's no live sessions to attend, you can do it all in your own time with group access for Peer Support.

The commitment is real – it’s an intensive, after all – but it’s structured to keep us all on track.

Academic and Experience Levels

Another question was whether our courses on pagan spirituality are only for those who are already knowledgeable or academically inclined. We have a wide range of participants, from those with PhDs in Celtic studies to complete beginners.

The coursework is designed to bring everyone to the same page, walking you through bit by bit. Whether you’re a beginner or more experienced, you’ll find the course supportive and accommodating.

Learning Model

Everything I teach is built on a three pillars model: Learn, Experience, and Integrate. No matter your comfort level with learning, experiencing, or integrating, this model ensures all aspects are covered.

The Mórrígan Intensive dives deeply into this model over six months, allowing for a thorough exploration.

Course Duration and Access

The course runs over six months, starting mid-June, with enrolment open once a year. If you miss this window, you’ll need to wait another year.

After the six months, you’ll have an additional five months to review the material and retain group access. There’s also an option for further studies during this period, though it’s entirely optional.

Irish Ancestry

You don’t need Irish ancestry to enrol or benefit from the Mórrígan Intensive. We welcome everyone. Your connection is your own business, and it’s quite elitist to assume that only those with Irish ancestry can be interested in our teachings.

We encourage learning from native sources and offer plenty of recommended resources.

Busy Schedules

Accommodating a busy schedule ultimately comes down to your commitment. We provide support and accountability, but you have to do the work. If you’re ready to deepen your relationship with the Mórrígan, there’s nothing else like this available.

This video/blog isn’t a sales pitch; it’s about ensuring that those who join are prepared to engage fully.

Are You Ready?

If you feel this might be right for you, HERE IS THE LINK with full details of the course, reviews, testimonials, and costs.

Enrolment is open for four more days, so don’t miss out. If you’re watching this after the enrolment period, join the waiting list for 2025 to get first access to scholarships and other opportunities.

Slán go fóill, and I hope to see you in the Class of 2024!

Lora O’Brien 🐦‍⬛




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