Deepening My Connection with the Morrígan - A Personal Journey

devotions lore practice Nov 26, 2023

In our Morrigan Membership Community AMA, Natasha asked:

Hi Lora, thank you for the opportunity to ask you questions. What personal practices have truly helped deepen your relationship with the Morrigan (i.e. specific types of rituals or services to her), and when did you feel that your relationship with her moved to a deeper level?

This is question that strikes right at the core of my own spiritual journey. In the Morrigan Membership Community, Natasha posed this thought-provoking query, and I believe many of you might resonate with it too.

First, let me express my gratitude to Natasha for such an insightful question. For those of you who are new to the path of Irish Paganism or long-time devotees, understanding the nature of our connection to the divine is key.

My journey with the Morrígan, the powerful and enigmatic Irish Goddess, has been both profound and deeply personal. It's not just about rituals or services; it's about a living, breathing relationship that evolves and deepens over time.

The Morrígan is known for her complexity and strength, and my relationship with her reflects these attributes. Initially, it was through specific but simple daily rituals - ones steeped in traditional Irish practices - that I began to feel a connection. These were not just rote ceremonies but deeply felt, sincere acts of devotion, each one a step closer to understanding her essence.

But it was perhaps the quieter, more reflective moments that truly marked a deepening of our bond. Times when I sat in stillness in the Cave of the Cats, feeling her presence in chill beneath the earth and the steady drip of waters, or when I poured over ancient texts, seeking to understand her through our shared heritage.

This journey hasn't been without its challenges. The Mórrígan is a Goddess who demands authenticity and courage, and there were moments of doubt and introspection. It was through perseverance and a genuine desire to connect that I felt a shift - a moment where our relationship moved from one of seeking to understanding, from learning to knowing.

If you're seeking to deepen your own connection with the Mórrígan, or any deity for that matter, remember that it's a journey of the heart and soul. Be open, be sincere, and most importantly, be ready to embrace the transformation that such a bond can bring into your life.

For those who wish to explore further, our private Mórrígan Community offers a sanctuary for learning and connection. You can join us here.

Additionally, for a broader understanding of Irish Pagan Practice, you might find the '3 Pillars of Irish Pagan Practice' course insightful, available here.

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For a deep dive into one of the most pivotal stories in Irish mythology, our class on 'Exploring the Cath Maige Tuired' is available here. It's a journey through a story that is close to the heart of our Irish Pagan heritage, and one that has deeply influenced my understanding of the Morrígan.

Slán go fóill, my friends.

May your path to the divine be as enriching and enlightening as mine has been.

Lora O'Brien.






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